Tumbles the Clown

A story for the child in you and your children too!

By John Waiblinger
This review is from: Tumbles the Clown (Paperback)

Tumbles the Clown is a wonderfully illustrated children's story with a great message. In this lovely little book, K.A. Canazzi tells her young readers to focus on the positive - "You may stumble, You may fall, There's nothing wrong with that at all. You're just fine, a unique design." The story is enhanced by Ms. Canazzi's whimsical and beautiful photographs that show Tumbles in action confronting the problem of his wind-up key and a "sprung spring" that goes "a boing, a brrring!" The pictures are sure to delight both young listeners and the adult reading this story out loud. This is a bright, colorful book that offers encouragement to any child who has felt doubt about his or her abilities. What I liked best are the photographs that bring Tumbles to life!

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